Faith Works

Study Of the Book of James

Chapter 1

In our study of James 1, learn how Christians are to deal with the trials and temptations that will inevitably come our way. Also, learn that we’re to be not only hearers but doers of the Word of God.

Chapter 2

In this Bible study, learn about the dangers of personal favoritism and that faith without works is dead. Does this contradict what Paul said about justification by faith?

Chapter 3

This is the chapter of the Book of James that tells us about our unruly tongues and teaches us the difference between man’s wisdom and God’s wisdom.

Chapter 4

In this study of James 4, we learn about the problems of pride, judgment of others, and boasting. Learn the Biblical standards in contrast to these worldly standards.

Chapter 5

In this final study of James, learn about God’s view of rich oppressors in this life; and therefore, what our attitudes should be, how we can persevere with patience, and how we can cover a multitude of sins. Also, learn exactly what to do when we are sick.

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