Book Of Ruth

In this series, we will journey through one of the most moving stories in all of scripture. It has all the elements of a love story; tragedy, loss, despair, triumph, hope, loyalty, romance. It’s not just a love story spread out over four chapters of Scripture. It’s a story within

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Faith Works

Study Of the Book of James Chapter 1 In our study of James 1, learn how Christians are to deal with the trials and temptations that will inevitably come our way. Also, learn that we’re to be not only hearers but doers of the Word of God. Chapter 2 In

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Character Matters

Join us as we explore some of the old-school, forgotten virtues that seem to be missing in action in modern society and how, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can restore these virtues for God’s glory and the good of others. For a child of God, CHARACTER truly

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Vertical: We Were Created for This

If you stop and think about it, everyone worships. It’s what we do! All day long we give our time, energy and affection to something or someone. Day by day, we declare our allegiance. In other words, we worship. Worship is about what we value most. Not just for the

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