All Ministries

  • Worship Service

    At ICANJ Church, our Sunday services are one of our most
    valuable gatherings. As a church, we are intentional about what
    we do and how we do things in a service. It’s important that we are
    purposeful and prepared, so that we can create room for the Holy
    Spirit to move.

    SUNDAY 10:30AM
  • Sunday School & Bible Study

    SUNDAY 9:00AM
  • Souled Out

    We are a community of believers dedicated to learning
    what it means to be a Disciple of Christ and living it
    out.We are a GRACE and TRUTH community. We strive
    to imitate CHRIST in all we do. We want to LOVE as
    christ loved. We want to LIVE as christ lived.

    First FRIDAY 
    8:00 PM
    Third SATURDAY 
    7:00 PM
  • MEETUP – Coffee & Bible Study

    MeetUps are comprised of collective praise &worship, intercessory
    prayer, and finally, and this will be the emphasis, a time of
    systematic, discussion-oriented, group Bible study. With the help of
    our talented team of moderators, we’ll be diving deep into Scripture,
    focusing on different, targeted books of the Bible or key topics.

    First & Second FRIDAY 
    8:00 PM
  • Care and Prayer Cell Meeting

    As much as we love gathering with the whole of the local church
    for corporate worship, there is something powerfully unique about
    an intimate gathering around a living room, that forces us to think
    differently than when we are in a big room for worship.Cell groups
    are the perfect place to understand the Bible and heartfelt prayer
    and put it into action.

    Please reach out to us to get connected to your local cell group.

    TUESDAY 7:30PM
  • Women’s Community

    The Women’s Community at India Christian Assembly exists for the
    purpose of discipleship and connection. It is our heart to help build
    a faith-based community of women who are being transformed as
    they learn God’s Word and grow through the life-long journey of
    learning to follow Him.

    FRIDAY 10:00AM
  • Youth Meetings (PYPA)

    The Pentecostal Young People’s Association of ICANJ has been and
    is a blessing for the Young People of the Church. It provides the
    opportunity for the young people to recognize their God-given talents
    and to develop, practice, and grow to be fruitful in their walk with the

    The meeting happens every First Saturday at ICANJ.

  • Hindi Service | Student Support Network

    ICANJ family is trying to fill the evangelistic gap with the Indian
    Student population and the many families that live in the surrounding
    area. We serve through the following:

    Transportation Services
    The ICANJ Lending Cupboard
    Professional Services
    Evangelistic Meetings

    The meeting happens every Second Saturday at ICANJ.

  • Fasting & Intercession

    “There is no greater force on this earth than a child of God prostrate
    on the floor in fasting and prayer.” We come together for fasting and
    intercession every Friday evening, the fourth Saturday
    of the month and dedicate a week of prayer
    once every quarter.

    Please call us for more details.