“One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek” (Ps. 27:4).

This confessional prayer of the psalmist appears to have been written in the midst of a crisis. The psalmist is faced with the ‘wicked’, ‘the enemies’, and ‘the foes’ of his life. He fears to face a hostile ‘army’, and ‘war’. There are ‘false witnesses’ who ‘breathe out violence’ against him.

But the single-mindedness of the psalmist holds him in the midst of his battles. His praying lips and his seeking heart do not contradict each other. They are one and the same.

The definition of single-mindedness is ‘a focus on one thing at the expense of anything else’.

Someone who is single-minded has only one aim or purpose and is determined to achieve it.

Former president of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam  said, “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal”.

Single-minded people will seek God everyday.

Single-minded people will follow Him through  the most devastating circumstances of their life.

Single-minded people will rely on Him even at the seeming risk of his/her own life.

Single-minded people will run after God, and His passion will bleed through their blood vessels.

But today, single-mindedness is not admired always as a virtue. Such people are termed as narrow minded and fanatics. They are considered as underachievers or under-utilized.

But it’s single-minded people, who moved history.

Jesus lived to fulfill the purpose/will of God. He always said, ‘I have come to do the will of My Father‘.

Pauls states his single-mindedness time and again. Preaching and ministering to the Corinthian church, he said, ‘I determined to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified”.

Paul says again, “This one thing I do, forgetting the past … ” (Phil. 3:14).

May such single-mindedness hold us also strong in our battles, in the days to come!