Baptism – Raised to new life

“For all of you who were baptized in to Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ” Gal. 3:27.

Water baptism, as stated in Rom. 6:1-4, signifies immersion and resurrection, demonstrating our dying to ourselves and allowing Christ to live through us.

It’s a symbol of people who believed in Christ, turning away from their old sinful lives and following Christ in all ways. It’s an outward sign of giving themselves to God through faith in Jesus Christ.

It demonstrates the stages of:
Crucifying their old self => Dying to the things of the flesh => Putting past sins behind them => Rising anew through the power of God => And walking in relationship with Jesus.

Water baptism is one way in which a Christian can live in obedience to Christ, since Jesus Christ Himself commanded us to do so. (Matt. 28:19).

I believe it’s also a good time to remind and re-emphasize those who are already baptized in to Christ, the necessity and significance of new life in Christ. For if we do not intend to live a completely transformed/changed life, baptism does not avail for much.

May the Lord help us all to walk in the newness of life, being clothed with Christ!