Your needs and the goodness of God (Ps. 68:10)

Psalm 68: 10 says, “In your goodness, O God, you have provided for the needy”. 

How heartening it is to know that God has already foreseen our situations and has prepared gifts and goodies, laid away to meet our needs! He anticipates our needs infallibly; and out of the fullness of His good treasures, He provides for us right on time. God is already aware of all the needs of His, wandering poor children, and when the needs occur, the supplies are there already.

Deuteronomy 33:25 says, “As your days, so shall your strength be”.

Do you have a heavy heart over an uncertain future or a need that you are so concerned of as you read this?

My dear children of God, then be sure, God knew your would be need, and He has stored the exact blessing that you require, to suit your specific situation. You will never come to a position where Christ cannot match your need. There will never be any emergency in your life, where Jesus cannot be equal to the pressing needs that you will have.

So my brethren, plead the promises of God, believe, and obtain them!

May the Lord bless us all, even as we pray and continue to realize His goodness in our lives!