Hos. 14:3: “… Nor will we say again, ‘Our god’, to the work of our hands”. 

One of the gravest concerns that we are vexed with today, could be the besetting sin of idolatry. We may not have gods carved of stone, but may still have many gods of our own invention. We carry them around fondly without knowing that we are still committing the heinous sin of worshipping the idols, of our own making.

There could be an abundance of them among us, such as the shrines of pride, empty displays of self, and the altars of flesh so conveniently kept and gratified. Spouses, studies or career could be idols for some people, while favorite children become the cause of such sin for many parents. The Lord is grieved when He sees us doting on any of these, beyond measure and not giving Him the love and worship that are due unto His Name. He knows that the objects of our foolish love are only doubtful blessing, and the solace they bring could pose dangerous outcomes for us in the future. He warns us of that in no unclear terms.

Why then are we bewitched with these vanities? It’s time to say that ‘such are not gods’. Let’s not continue to commit the folly of calling the idols of our making as gods. Tear them away from the throne that should only belong to the living God, the maker of heaven and earth and the blessed redeemer of us. Relegate these only to the secondary or to such positions as deemed proper by the Word of God.

May the Good Lord help us all to do that, as we continue to strive to imitate Christ!