DO YOU HAVE THE JOY? (Hab. 3:18)

Looking at everything  going adverse, even to the point of the loss of all possible means of sustenance, the Prophet Habakuk could still cry out and say, “Yet, I will exult in the Lord; I will rejoice in the God of my salvation” (Hab. 3: 18).

Joy is one of the most distinguishing hallmarks of a true Christian believer. The happiness of a follower of Christ is not tied to the external circumstances, whether good or bad, but is firmly grounded in the assurance that Christ belongs to him/her. It is the joy that comes from deep within, due to the knowledge that we are free from sin and its punishment because of Christ and that we have an eternal reward to look forward to.

Not only that joy is one of the distinguishing marks of a true believer, it’s always a great encouragement to be around people who are genuinely joyful. Their presence simply is elevation of our spirit, because they always seem to be at peace and they reflect a quiet sense of gratitude and tranquility.

The challenge is to be witness of the Lord by being joyful and rejoicing in Christ.

May we be filled with the joy of Christ and bless and elevate the spirit of others around us through our joy!!