“But He gave him no answer, not even to a single charge” (Matt. 27:14)

It is said of Jesus, that ‘No man ever spoke like this man”, yet no man was ever silent like Him. His silence was not because He was slow of speech. He was the source of all wisdom and eloquence, yet He  would not say a single word for Himself, to prevent His death on the cross, but gladly offer Himself as a perfect sacrifice.

Is not patient silence the best reply to a world of cruel opposition? Does not our calm endurance offer infinitely more conclusive answers to a mocking world? Don’t we see the silent Lamb of God furnishing us with a grand example of wisdom by His patient silence and calm endurance?

As we follow His example closely, the false and the ambiguous, the unworthy and the mean will soon confound themselves.

Shall we then, commit oureselves to patient silence and calm endurance for the glory of God and his purpose?

How good it’s to be connected as a family, remembering the blessings of God and also boldly entering before His throne of grace with our supplications!!!

Pastor KJ Kuriakose