My First Love !!!

Those in dating relationships or those who’ve been married for some time, if honest, will often fondly recollect the early phases (the honeymoon period) of their relationship with their significant other. There’s just something so fresh and delightful about meeting the person you love for the first time. Every day is sunny with a high of 75. Chivalry is at its peak. An hour of talking only feels like a few minutes. Serving and giving aren’t so much an obligation as they are a privilege. But then, over time, things change. What was fresh and new becomes familiar and routine. Serving and sacrificing are no longer a delight but a chore. And here’s the thing. The relationship still works. The show continues to go on. You’re still together. Things look perfectly healthy and fine from the outside. But truth be told, it’s nothing like the love you shared at first.

The same phenomenon can happen in our relationship with Christ. When you first accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, the ‘joy of salvation’ feels so novel. You’re eager to dive into the Word and cultivate intimacy with Christ through prayer. You’re consumed with passion for the things of God and you serve, not out of fear or compulsion, but simply because that’s how your love for God expresses itself. And then, over time, things change. The initial ‘joy’ is choked out by the cares of the world. Personal devotions are no longer a delight but a box to check off for the day. You begin going through the spiritual motions. And here’s thing, you’re still doing so-called ‘Christian’ things. From the outside looking in, nothing might seem wrong or out of place. But whether you choose to admit it or not, your ‘first love’ has gone cold. You’re completely immersed in ‘church culture’ but you are no longer ‘in love’ with Jesus.

And that brings us to the heart behind our new series entitled ‘My First Love’. Fundamentally, we want to discover how we can rekindle the love we first had for Christ. In turn, it’s our hope and prayer that we can move out of the place of superficial religious expression to a lifestyle of worship rooted in a thriving, genuine relationship with Jesus.