ICANJ Youth Breakfast

Clear your Saturday morning agendas, and let’s do an ICANJ breakfast. As busy as this summer will be with all sorts of activities, it’s important that we take the time to build friendships, have some fun, break bread (and eat it of course), and ultimately build a sense of unity with one another. It’s easy to get disconnected just going about our daily work and school routines, but a unified body is the most effective kind of body. We’ve simply got to chill more! 🙂

Also, we thought (similar to our 1st breakfast) it’d be helpful if we set up an open, honest Q&A about any issue that concerns you or that you are confused about (ethnic churches, premarital dating/setting boundaries, jewelry/tattoos/appropriate clothing, predestination, baptism of the Holy Spirit, homosexuality, why bad things happen to good people, the authenticity of the Bible, etc.). We are a family, so you won’t be judged as ‘nonspiritual’ for any question that you raise. The church is where these issues ought to be addressed. And most likely, a lot of us are asking similar questions but aren’t bold enough to voice them. An ANONYMOUS survey will be posted shortly where your questions can be captured. We really want to create an environment of simply ‘being real’ about our faith and addressing issues practically in light of the timeless truths of God’s Word.

Please come through! We want all of you to be there! You will be well fed–both physically and spiritually!!