Lured: The Anatomy of Temptation and How to Overcome

The truth is that temptation is an undeniable reality in the life of a child of God. Whether we like it or not, we’re going to have to deal with it. But, here’s the good news. We don’t have to endure constant defeat. We have all the tools we need to be ‘more than conquerors’! Join us as we walk through our new series entitled “Lured – The Anatomy of Temptation”. We will dive into the Word of God and bring to light what the Bible says about temptation and the ways that we as disciples in training can overcome!

Join us for Souled Out this Friday! We’ll be covering some new ground this week and hope to see you at 315 State Street! #imsouledout #disciplesonmission #makinJesusfamous