“But He did not answer her a word” Matt. 15:23

The woman who came to Jesus had great faith, but the Savior immediately did not bestow the blessing on her. He intended to give it, but waited a while. The verse says, “He did not answer her a word”.

Is it that her prayer was not good? No, it could never have been better. Is it that she was not needy? No, she was dreadfully needy. Was she not sincere enough in her asking? She was intensely sincere. Did she not have enough faith? She did have such a degree of faith that even Jesus wondered and said, “O woman, great is your faith”.

We need to learn that great amount of faith does not always guarantee instantaneous answers or blessings. There may be reasons for faith to be tested before being rewarded. Silence from the Savior could be the painful trial that many of us are going through right now. But do not give up on His boundless mercies but perseveringly depend on Him. Even when we feel Christ is bruising and punishing us, believe in the love of His heart.

If this is true, persevere in our faith and prayers, without losing heart but ever growing in love for Him!