Have you ever compared between the burdens of sin and suffering? Which load is heavier, the load of sin or the burden of sorrows?

In Ps. 25:8 David prays, “Look upon my affliction and my trouble; and forgive all my sins”.

We have the freedom and every right to take our sorrows and sins to the Lord, with the necessary pleas attached to them. It was to God that David took his sorrows. It was to God that David also confessed his sin. Glad he did not exclusively focus on his sorrows but also paid attention to his sin.

But what drew my attention to, was the emphasis he lays on each of these petitions, while asking the Lord ‘to consider his afflictions and sorrows’, he pleads for ‘the forgiveness of his sins’.

Today’s sufferers would have reversed the prayer, ‘Lord, remove my affliction and consider my sin’.
But David understands the priority, and is in essence saying, ‘Lord when it comes to my affliction and my pain, I will not dictate to Your Wisdom. Lord, look at them. I will leave them to you. I would like to have my pain removed, but do as you will. But as for my sin, forgive it, because I cannot endure to live under the curse of sin.

My dear brothers, sisters and children at ICANJ, a child of God counts sufferings and pains lighter, in the scale than sin. He/she can bear to have troubles continue, but he/she cannot bear the burden of his/her sin to continue.

Hope we all will understand the importance of this lesson and do accordingly.

May the Lord give us grace to continue to pray for the removal of the burdens of sorrow and pain from among our midst!
But may the Lord open our eyes to a much more serious burden, one that of any unconfessed sin among us or in our individual life!