SET THE OFFENDER FREE’ (Forgiveness and Healing Part 3)

For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you”(Matt. 6: 14)

In continuation with how forgiveness can help us to get healed physically and emotionally, I would like to highlight on another very important requisite of forgiveness.

Spiritual wellness begins, the moment we become obedient to the Scriptures by extending forgiveness to the offenders. Choosing to forgive is a powerful spiritual weapon and a deliberate choice of the will. When we decide to forgive, healing begins to happen.

Forgiveness is not simply turning a blind eye towards the evil deeds of others. The offense is of course confronted but all confrontations are  for the purpose of gaining back the person, through forgiveness and reconciliation.

As long as we dwell on the hurts and offenses of others, we are keeping the people in bondage. The key is in setting the offender free by forgiveness.

Can we identify the key polluter of our hearts due to our unforgiveness? Can we erase all the wrongs caused by the specific person in our life and extend Christ’s forgiveness to him/her?

Let’s pray asking the Lord to give us forgiving hearts.

Lord please help me set the offender free!!!