But if your heart turns away … and worship and serve other gods… you shall surely perish” (Deut. 30:17-18).

Dear ICANJ Family,

In the last pastoral letter we looked at the importance of making godly choices by obeying God over our excuses.

In continuation, let me this week, point out the importance of ‘Choosing God above idols’.

Idolatry is a theft from God – stealing the honor due for God.

Idolatry is that which conflicts against putting God first in our lives.

Idolatry is putting the gift (it could be ‘a thing’ or ‘a person’) above the giver. Such gifts or persons start controlling or manipulating us. Then our life becomes a tragedy.

Jesus meant that ‘no idols’ are allowed in His followers’ life if they truly want to be His disciples, when He said, “Anyone who loves anything more than me, even his own life, is not good enough to be my disciple”.

How many times we think of idols as only graven images and go about living with our ‘secretly kept’ idols?

Even at this point, we may still be carrying some of those idols – controlling us, manipulating us and becoming the center of our affection – taking our thoughts and distracting us.

So, my dear ICANJ family, declare your freedom, be free from such secretly kept idols and let Christ be first!