Your Father in heaven will give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matt. 7:11).

Dear ICANJ Family,

Earthly fathers, despite their human weaknesses (‘being evil’), prove themselves as fathers, by giving their children what they need.
GOD DOES MORE: (Matt. 7:11; Lk. 11:13) – God not only gives good things, but gives the Holy Spirit – the greatest gift to man. God the Father will answer prayers of His children even more than an earthly father.

QUESTIONING GOD: But when we do not receive speedy answers to our petitions, we are sometimes inclined to question God, like the disciples who asked, ‘Lord, don’t you care if we perish?’ (Mk. 4:38).

PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY: In effectively praying there is the need of always praying and never losing heart. The earnest Christian who perseveres in prayer can be assured that his Heavenly Father will answer his prayers, with the good gifts that he needs.

DELAYS ARE NOT DENIALS: There may be delays, but these are not denials; they are only periods of waiting for the best time and the best answer to come.

GOD’S WISDOM KNOWS THE BEST: The exact thing we ask for, in the form we ask for it, could be the word for us. It may not be even what we really need. So God doesn’t give us anything that could potentially damage us or even a mere substitute for what we have asked. But He gives, what we would have asked for had we known all things pertaining to it as God knows them.

REMEMBER TWO THINGS: (1) God’s willingness and desire to give good gifts in answer to man’s prayers (2) Man’s need to pray with persistence and not to faint.
May God bless us all to persevere in prayer keeping these two things in mind!