”God is our refuge and strength, A VERY PRESENT HELP in trouble(Ps. 46:1).

Dear ICANJ family,

The blessings and covenental promises of the Lord are to be appropriated by His children. 

We live in a dynamic, living, changing planet, set in an exploding, expanding universe. So crisis in life is real and the insecurity and instability are so threatening (the nations rage, kingdoms move, the earth melts). It is this crisis that evokes the psalmist’s meditation and he celebrates God’s strength and our security in Him. 

The psalmist begins with a confession of his faith, “God is our refuge and strength…”. ‘Refuge’ means ‘shelter’ like as the Lord was to Israel, a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during the night. 

God is also our ‘strength’, which means His might is exerted against the foes. Thus God both protects us as our shelter and fights for us. He is both our shield and our sword. 

We have the saying, ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. In the same way, the  timing of the help is also very important. The psalmist confesses that ‘God is a very present help in trouble’. 

What more ore do we need? We have a God, who is our ‘shelter’ to support us against the perils of the natural forces, and our ‘strength’ to fight our battles. Most importantly, these help come right at the time of our need. God’ help is never late, nor is it early, but right on time. 

But how sad that we strive and struggle adopting every other measure but to go to the Lord and His Word. Do you think He has an unsympathetic heart? Do you think He cannot protect you from the perils of the forces around? Are you given to thinking that you have to fight your battles alone? 

Take courage, dear child of God and celebrate the power, strength and the timely help of the Lord!