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    Looking for online live church services?

    India Christian Assembly Of New Jersey is excited to stream its Sunday Services LIVE on facebook and youtube. If you are not in or around Hackensack, New Jersey, worship with us Online With People From All Around the Globe. We stream our Malayalam Bible Study from 09:30am- 10:30am and join

  • happy-thanksgiving-power-point

    Thanksgiving is more than a day off !!!

    This is a season of reflection. Indeed, this was true of those early Pilgrims who started this great American tradition we call Thanksgiving. I thought I read somewhere that they even played a game of football with the Indians they invited over for the feast. Thanksgiving is more than a

  • My first Love

    My First Love !!!

    Those in dating relationships or those who’ve been married for some time, if honest, will often fondly recollect the early phases (the honeymoon period) of their relationship with their significant other. There’s just something so fresh and delightful about meeting the person you love for the first time. Every day