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  • 2018 ICANJ Family Retreat – Christ Centered Community

    Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the ICANJ Retreat this year. It was truly a great time of Welding the community together and experiencing the Power of Christ at a whole new Level. We were truly blessed through the word by Pastor Mike and Worship led

  • Annual Medical Outreach

    Medical outreach event happening on Saturday June 16th from 10 AM-3PM. All details of services offered are listed in the flyer! Come- be blessed, and be a blessing!

  • Resurrection Sunday Easter Service

    We are excited to invite you to our special GOOD FRIDAY service at 8pm and of course our Resurrection Sunday Easter service at 10:30AM! Have questions or need a ride? Send us a message on our facebook page given below. God Bless you!

  • Good Friday Celebration

    Join us for a special Good Friday Service as we celebrate the finished work of Christ and experience the saving power of the Gospel through a night of Worship along with an inspired Word presented by our anointed guest speaker, Pr. Samuel Won.

  • Brand new Series – Beneath the Surface

    We’ll be launching a brand new series on the Parables of Jesus Christ entitled ‘Beneath the Surface’, and just like the title suggests, our goal is to unlock the kingdom truths behind some of Jesus’ most famous sermon illustrations. So bring yourselves, your families, and even a friend or two