Latest Updates

  • Church In The Lot

    Without question, it’s been a challenging season for all of us, dealing with a worldwide pandemic, being in lockdown, working/studying from home, and specifically as a church, having to worship via web-conferencing. While virtual modalities like Zoom have been the lifeblood of the church and have unified us in these

  • Christmas Service

    There’s a place for you here. Come fill your soul with joy, hope, and peace this Christmas at ICANJ Church. Experience a welcoming, friendly environment, sing along with your favorite Christmas music, and hear a powerful message from our Senior Pastor KJ Kuriakose.

  • Medical Outreach

    We serve a missional God and He loves a church that is on mission. We are honored to serve the community through the medical outreach every year and this year was no different. We faithfully pursued our mission to save the lost, to redeem this generation, to be His hands


    At a time when David returned after slaying Goliath, and the soldiers of Israel after a victory over the Philistines, the women came out from all cities of Israel, singing and dancing and chanting a verse: “Saul has slain his thousands,And David his ten thousands” (1 Sam. 18:7) It was

  • Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ

    This Easter, you’re invited to catch a glimpse of glory as we unleash the BREAKTHROUGH POWER of Christ’s resurrection in all our lives! Easter at ICANJ Church is a family-friendly, 90-minute service featuring great music, an inspiring message, a wonderful time of fellowship! Invite your family and friends – because